Vintage Reality

Enjoy the stereoviews

(3D viewing equipment required).

Long before the last round of VR mania gave us Virtual Boy, a technology to experience worlds beyond the mundane infiltrated homes across the globe. This futuristic wonder was marketed as the best way for our children to experience all the wonders of the world from cozy school rooms. Good ideas never go out of style.

Our Friend, the Stereoscope

With some MATLAB code and modern web techniques, I've assembled a way of stepping back in time. Vintage VR if you will.
With your favorite DIYVR rig, you too can visit the past, retro future style.

Initial Stereoview Initial Stereoview

Alignment Magic Matlab to align the images

JPS Stereo Pair Generate a JPS stereo pair

cxL.drawImage(card, 0, 0, iW, iH, 0, 0, cL.width, cL.height);
cxR.drawImage(card, iW, 0, iW, iH, 0, 0, cR.width, cR.height);

leftData = cxL.getImageData(0, 0, cL.width, cL.height);
rightData = cxR.getImageData(0, 0, cR.width, cR.height);

leftData = barrelDistortion(leftData);
rightData = barrelDistortion(rightData);

JavaScript to barrel distort and display left/right pairs as HTML Canvas elements

Couch de Chaise

First, there was the couch:

the couch

Then, I took it apart:

deconstructed couch

Slowly, the chaise took shape:

chase phase 1